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How to Identify and Overcome Childhood Wounding

In the last article, we briefly explored how the (inner) critic can affect our relationships. The critic comes from childhood wounding that we subconsciously couldn’t deal with otherwise. The critic inside can be good, but if it is not controlled, then it can lead to very destructive and hurtful behavior. How To Overcome Childhood Wounding… read more

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Understanding Your Inner Critic and How it Affects Your Relationships

Sometimes we’re too hard on ourselves and often this issue is ignored because everyone has an inner critic to a certain degree. However, there is certain point in which we start wondering if this critical behavior is normal. How Past Criticism Affects Your Relationships It may be hard to identify the root cause of some… read more

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Individual Challenges, Norms, and Roles: What People Bring to Group Therapy

When people come to group therapy, they bring a lifetime of emotional accumulation. They are bringing more than just themselves- they are bringing a lifetime of experience, societal influences, and individual challenges. Norms are the unspoken rules (or agreements). You may not even realize it, but we all look at others to determine where we… read more

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The Therapist’s Role

It’s hard to open up – that’s why it’s easy for someone to get lost in the crowd or fall through the cracks. However, it is the role of the group therapist to notice. Nobody talks about the therapist the way they do other members of the group, so let’s take some time to discover… read more

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What Group Therapy Can do For You

Who are you in life? The Victim, Bully, Hero, Loser, Go-getter? Who do you want to be? There are a lot of misconceptions about group therapy and it may seem quite intimidating at first. You may think it’s easier to talk to one person, instead of a whole room full of people. However, the kind… read more

Save Time and Money in Psychotherapy: Talking About the Therapy Process

In Save Time and Money in Psychotherapy: A Four Part Series, I discuss important ways you can save time and money in psychotherapy. Talking About the Therapy Process is Essential Being able to talk about what comes up in the therapy relationship is essential to getting the most out of therapy. I believe the most… read more