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Ivan Skolnikoff, MFT, Marriage and Family Therapist

For questions, or to schedule an appointment please call (510) 496-6029, or email Ivan Skolnikoff, MFT at:

First Appointment:

Once your first appointment has been confirmed please download and fill out the biographical background form (link below) as completely as possible. It will help me in our work together. Information is confidential as outlined in the Office Policy form. If you do not desire to answer any question, merely write, “Do not care to answer.” Please print or write clearly and bring it with you to the first session.
Biographical Information Form PDF File
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Office Address:

2127 Ashby Ave (2nd floor), Berkeley, CA 94705

My office Address on the corner of Ashby and Lorina and the entrance itself is on Lorina. My office is centrally located, very close to BART Ashby. Parking is usually available on Ashby , Russell, or Lorina.